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Vasectomy (Permanent Male Contraception)

Vasectomy (Permanent Male Contraception)

What is a Vasectomy?

Vasectomy is a simple in-office procedure with potentially life changing effects.

For couples who are concerned with unwanted pregnancy, having a vasectomy may improve your sex life! The procedure does not change your current enjoyment of sex nor your ability to perform. Orgasm and ejaculation are not affected…the vasectomy simply eliminates the sperm from your semen.laser-mach-2

Aside from Abstinence, Vasectomy is the most effective method of contraception currently available to men!

Because a vasectomy is designed to be a permanent solution to male fertility, men should give careful consideration before undergoing the procedure.

Vasectomy does not affect male hormones…it simply prevents sperm from traveling from the testicles to the penis.

Male hormones continue to circulate within the body normally….there will be no hair loss, no voice change, and no loss of sexual desire or erectile dysfunction as a result of having a vasectomy. The only change is the prevention of sperm exiting the body.

At Optimal Male Performance Center, our licensed certified physician injects a local anesthetic into the skin of the scrotum, which is the sac holding the testicles. The anesthetic will numb the area, and will last approximately 2 hours. laser-mach-2Once completely numb, the doctor will make 1 - 2 small openings in the skin, gently pull up each tube called the vas deferens, then cut and secure the ends. The procedure takes about 30 minutes and is completed in our office.

There is very little pain following a vasectomy procedure, although you may experience a few days of mild discomfort which can be treated with Ibuprofen, such as Motrin or Advil.
For best long term results, you should wait at least 1 week before intercourse, and use another form of contraception until you have your follow up visit with the doctor.
For more information, see this LINK for the Vasectomy Q&A.

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