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The Optimal Male Medical Team takes great pride in providing excellent service and optimal results.

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Thank you Optimal Male!  I am no longer embarrassed by dripping arm pits!

At 22yrs. old, I have been dealing with profuse sweating pits since my teens.  I thought I would outgrow it but no such luck.  I have tried ALL the antiperspirants including the prescription ones with no success.   I saw the ad from Optimal Male Performance and figured what I could lose?

My overall experience at Optimal Male Performance was excellent from start to finish!  The entire staff was so nice and knowledgeable and I could tell they really care about their patients.  When scheduling my appointment they were able to work around my schedule and asked when it was best for me.  When I arrived for my appointment I was greeted and only waited a short amount of time before getting brought back.  The whole environment and staff put me at ease and I knew I was in good hands.  They reviewed all my medical history and gave me some options on how to treat my problem.  We decided on injections of Xeomin (like Botox) into the sweat glands.  The injections didn’t hurt like I thought they might. I was told to hold off on exercising for a couple days but otherwise could go back to my regular routine.

After having the procedure done, I saw instant results with a significant reduction in the amount of sweat I produce. Before the procedure I just seemed to sweat all the time and I had to change my shirt several times a day because I was so self-conscious. Thank you Optimal Male Performance Center!

Martin - Naples July 2018


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