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Tattoo Removal

Tattoo Removal

Are you TIRED of your TAT?  Are you IRKED by your Ink?    Is it time to clean the “canvas”?  We can help remove that tattoo!

Optimal Male Performance Center’s medical team in Naples, Florida, can remove your old, unwanted tattoos and give you a fresh new look!  Whether you need a clean “palette” for more art, or just want to shed an old memory, we can quickly, safely and economically remove your old tattoos and give you a fresh start!

At Optimal Male Performance Center in Naples, tattoo removal therapy, uses the highest energy, state-of-the-art Inverso Q-Switched Nd:Yag laser that utilizes short pulses to target tattoo ink and natural pigmentation like melanin.  The short pulse duration combined with high peak energy pulses quickly creates a light energy that is absorbed by the ink pocket causing a photo-acoustic effect within the pigment clusters. This effect breaks up the ink into much smaller particles that are easily absorbed and removed via the body's natural filtering system. The high energy of the Inverso laser also allows for a larger treatment area.

The larger beam diameter pulses deliver more energy to deeper targets in tissue (tattoo ink).  The larger beam also provides less intensity on surface tissue which means minimal post treatment side effects, such as skin damage, scarring, and hypo or hyper pigmentation.  The Inverso laser is capable of treating several wavelengths of color which makes it a highly effective treatment for stubborn ink colors such as black, blues, greens, reds, orange, violet, and even yellow.

The Inverso is the highest power Q-switched Nd:Yag laser worldwide and has set a new standard in modern tattoo removal.

Click to View Video.  This is the second treatment of a black and red tattoo. After just two treatments, the tattoo has been considerably lightened. Due to the ink depth of this tattoo, several more treatments will be necessary. Results will vary for each patient. The treatment is fast and effective.

At Optimal Male we not only want to offer great results but also want to make your treatments as comfortable as possible.  For this reason we offer multiple anesthetic options such as topical anesthetic creams and continual air cooling, to assure an optimal experience.

Whether you seek to make space for some new ink or to completely remove a tattoo, Optimal Male Performance Center in Naples, Florida offers a fast, economical and safe solution for effectively removing tattoos.

Call Optimal Male today to schedule your free tattoo removal consultation and treatment.  Call TOLL FREE 844-MAN-CURE (844-626-2873).

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