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Rev-IV Bar

Rev-IV Bar -- Nutritional IV Hydration Therapy

The Rev-IV Bar offers an optimal assortment of proprietary, custom blend Nutritional IV Hydration formulas to promote health, healing, energy, recovery, longevity and well-being.

Intravenous therapy (IV Therapy) is the new frontier of regenerative and restorative treatment that delivers vitamins, minerals and amino acids directly into the bloodstream. The Rev-IV Bar therapies are minimally invasive, safe and extremely effective in delivering vital nutrients directly into your circulation, bypassing the digestive system and first pass metabolism for rapid absorption and optimal results!  IV Therapy is often combined with pure oxygen for additional cardiovascular benefits, accelerated healing and stress relief.

Each Rev-IV Bar therapy session takes about 50 minutes and is performed in a relaxed professional setting and over-seen by the Optimal Male medical team.

The Rev-IV Bar therapies include:

Old Guy Smiling at DoctorSummer Fun Energy Booster
A summer cocktail of essential vitamins, minerals and oxygen therapy gives you the energy, stamina and the endurance to keep going. Get the Summer Fun Energy you need to enjoy all of what Florida has to offer!

Old Guy Smiling at DoctorGolf & Tennis Pro Swing – For Pre & Post Games
A special blend of nutrients, electrolytes and pure oxygen therapy to keep you in top form on the greens and on the court. Perfect for pre-game prep and/or quicker post-game recovery. Stay in the game longer and recover quickly with Pro Swing!

Old Guy Smiling at DoctorHang Over Heaven
If last night’s party made you want to die, visit us for the Hang Over Heaven!  The perfect cocktail for a speedy recovery after a little too much of the brew or bubbly.  This IV and Oxygen anti-toxicity formula will pick you up and sooth the toughest of hangovers and make the post-party day a little more tolerable!

Old Guy Smiling at DoctorCold & Flu Buffer (Post Exposure)
Feel like you are starting to get a little touch of the cold or flu?  You know the feeling… you just don’t feel quite right, and you know it is going to get worse!  Get a jump on your recovery or avoid the cold and flu altogether with this potent blend of the vitamins and minerals that your body needs to fight off infections and to recover quickly.

Old Guy Smiling at DoctorWinter Time Blues
Do you have the winter time blues?  Not feeling your best as the weather turns cooler?  We can help!  This proprietary blend of pure oxygen, vitamins, minerals and hydration will help pick you up and chase the blues away!

Old Guy Smiling at DoctorJet Lag Rewind
Travel is tough…and air travel between time zones can be brutal.  This multi-faceted treatment of hydrations, pure oxygen and vitamins and minerals will help you more quickly adjust to the time zone changes and help your body combat the nasty germs that were swirling inside the plane.  As soon as you land, get the Jet Lag Rewind!

Old Guy Smiling at DoctorTravel Booster
Modern travel exposes us to a lot of people, and a lot of germs and bacteria.  Many people come down with colds, coughs and flu like symptoms after traveling. This special highly potent cocktail of vitamins, minerals and hydration will give your body the protection you need to travel well!  Don’t leave home without it… the Travel Booster!

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