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Joint Pain Therapy

Joint Pain Therapy

Golf and tennis elbow are two of the more common maladies of the active man’s arm. They are generally due to acute or chronic inflammation of the extensor tendons due to overuse. These injuries are a challenge to treat due to the amount of time the injury can take to heal and the high likelihood of re-injury. Standard treatments currently involve isolation of the tendon with a tennis/golf elbow strap and waiting for the injury to heal on its own, using ice packs, ongoing pain medications, steroid injections, physical therapy, or worse…surgery.

At Optimal Male we offer an Optimal treatment protocol that utilizes a combination of Pure PRP and Pressure Wave therapy to treat these conditions of the elbow.  Individually the Pressure Wave and PRP therapies have been shown to provide relief and accelerated healing to muscles, joints and tendons.  When combined they offer an extremely effective alternative to medications that can improve outcomes, healing time, physical therapy results and even stave off surgery.

Pressure Wave Therapy is a relatively new treatment for managing common tendon and joint problems. It was originally invented for the treatment of kidney stones and was approved by the FDA for the treatment of plantar fasciitis. It has recently seen success as an alternative to other forms of treatment for golf and tennis elbow pain.  Pressure Wave therapy uses low intensity acoustic waves to stimulate a natural healing response which provides an effective option for reducing golf and tennis elbow symptoms. We combine Pressure Wave technology with the latest in Pure PRP therapy for a safe and even more effective treatment of common joint pain and tissue injuries.  Similar techniques are also employed to treat common aliments in the knees and shoulders, such as osteoarthritis, calcified tendonitis, and even small tears in tendons and ligaments.

During your examination with our medical team, the epicenter of pain will be identified.  A gel will be applied to the area which aids transmission of pressure wave impulses. The Pressure Wave device will be placed on the affected area and low pressure impulses will be emitted into the treatment area. There will be 3 pressure wave treatments scheduled during the course of 3 weeks, each lasting just few minutes. When utilized, the PRP will be administered after the 3rd treatment.

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) is full of multiple growth factors, such as IGF1 & IGFII, that are extracted from your own blood.  These growth factors, once injected, will bind with growth receptors causing additional stem cells to be recruited to the area which results in rapid regenerative healing.  At Optimal Male we utilize an FDA approved, dual spin centrifuge (the kind most often found in hospitals) to separate a small amount of your blood into PRP. This dual spin system provides a much higher baseline concentration of platelets than the standard single spin centrifuges.  This results in greater healing properties to the treatment area.   The PRP is then injected into the elbow, shoulder or knee.  Following your PRP treatments, many patients report a decrease in previously reported symptoms, greater mobility and a significant reduction in pain. Call or email us today to learn more!

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