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Skin Rejuvenation – Turn Back The Hands of Time

First impressions are everything. Within 4 seconds of meeting someone for the first time, they’ve already formed an opinion of you, and you never get a second chance to make a first impression. Wrinkles, sun-spots, age-spots, excess body hair, toe nail fungus, or spider veins may be ruining your appearance and stealing your confidence, but…
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Laser Hair Removal

Waxing, tweezing and shaving are painful and time-consuming methods to remove hair and not effective for large areas such as the back, chest, arms and legs. In addition, these methods are typically short-lived with stubble returning in just a few days. Our laser hair removal treatments offer a better solution….Laser On, Shaver Gone! At Optimal Male…
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Tattoo Removal

Are you TIRED of your TAT?  Are you IRKED by your Ink?    Is it time to clean the “canvas”?  We can help remove that tattoo! Optimal Male Performance Center’s medical team in Naples, Florida, can remove your old, unwanted tattoos and give you a fresh new look!  Whether you need a clean “palette” for more…
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Testosterone Replacement Treatments

What is testosterone? Testosterone is the primary male sex hormone. Its main function is the development of male reproductive organs including the testes and prostate and to promote male physical features including deepening the voice, building muscle, strengthening bones, increasing penis size and producing body hair. This hormone is created in the testes, and testosterone…
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