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Do Kegels Work For Guys?

Dear Optimal Male, My wife does kegel exercises every day because her doctor told her it would decrease her risk of becoming incontinent, make bowel movements easier, improve her sexual function, and help prevent her uterus from falling out…..I didn’t even know that could happen!!  My wife says I should be doing them too!?  My…
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What is “Medical” Weight Loss?

Dear Optimal Male, I have struggled with my weight for years.   I have done Jenny Graig, Weight Watchers, Atkins, as well as others…..some have helped, some have not.   I see the term “medical weight loss” bantered around a lot now.   What is the difference between medical weight loss and what I’ve been doing? Peter Dr.…
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What is IV-Therapy and What Will It Do For Me?

Dear Doctor, During a trip to California, my wife and I saw several spas offering “IV Therapy”.  It appears to be very popular, and I see that Optimal Male offers this service too. Can you tell me more about this therapy, and what I can expect if I try it out? David B. Fort Myers…
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What Is A PRP-Shot And Will It Improve My Sex Life?

Dear Doctor, I read in a men’s health magazine about a procedure called a P-Shot that is supposedly a way to improve your sex life.  Is there any truth to this?  What exactly is this procedure?  What are the possible side-effects of the procedure?  Is it painful? Matthew W. Cape Coral Dr. Freier: Thank you…
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